Krištof Peer

Coat-of-arms of family Peer

The first known owner and resident of the house at Gosposka street was Krištof Peer (also Pehr). In the historic sources between the years 1600 and 1628 Krištof and his heirs are mentioned. The family Peer was a well-known Carnic family, origination from the Kočevje district. Among the family members were citizens of Ljubljana at Novi trg and Stari trg, among them even a mayor. Since 1665 the branch even received a noble title and formed a branch in the town of Smlednik (Pernburgs). Among the more famous carriers of the surname Peer, most certainly was the priest Karel Peer nobleman Pernburg, vicar of Ljubljana’s bishop and member of the renowned Ljubljana’s noble association Saint Dizma, that reconstructed the renowned northern part of the Theological seminary (towards Ljubljanica) in the middle of the 18th century.